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Process Automation

Comprised of a group of diverse and talented engineers, D&R is known for taking on the toughest custom equipment design projects and delivering exceptional solutions. Drawing not only on experience, but also a passion and desire to solve problems, our custom equipment designs help drive the evolution of modern manufacturing and continue to gain patents for new and unique process solutions.

Tube Processing

Technology Pioneer and Market Leader in manufacturing of automated tube processing solutions.

Aluminum Extrusion

Sophisticated Automation Solutions for the Aluminum Extrusion Processing Industry

Assembly Automation

Wide Range of Automated Solutions for High-speed Precision Assemblies

Material Handling
And Packaging

Completely integrated packaging lines for tubular products.

Standalone Workstations

We use modular principles in equipment building. This combines the advantages of the custom-made machinery with those of a market standard product. Modularity allows customized configuration of the processing systems which are based on well tried and tested modules. As a result, the stand-alone work cell can swiftly be developed further into a high-speed processing module while the core technology remains unchanged.

Parts Manufacturing

We deliver carefully crafted, custom tailored manual and semi-automatic workcells to meet your part manufacturing requirements.

Assembly Cells

Ability to generate significant performance improvements over linked assembly lines.

Robotic cells

Custom designed, flexible and redeployable assembly cells designed and built for your specific application.

Product Support Services

D&R Technology can provide you with a complete solution to your production needs. We have years of experience building machines that can produce your product at the speeds and accuracy that you require. We have an outstanding team of flexible, highly skilled individuals who are dedicated to the success of your projects.

Research and development
(R&D) processes

“Applied Intelligence” philosophy gives our customers the edge they need to stay on top.

Rapid prototyping

Our team will work closely with you to understand how an idea may be turned into a practical product.

Testing and inspection

Technical expertise to improve quality, lower product development and accelerate time-to-market.

Consulting Services

We love solving problems with innovative, affordable, productive concepts!