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Business Culture

Customer needs are firmly rooted in our business culture which focuses on five essential values:

  • Respect for commitments
  • A spirit of openness
  • Excellence
  • Innovation
  • Continuous improvement
Ethical business proficiency

D&R Technology believes that trust fosters long-term relationships which are built through honesty, openness and fair play. All aspects of our business is conducted in compliance with high ethical standards of business practice.

Our employees are key to our success and as part of the TEAM DNR we all take responsibility for our own actions and conduct.

Career development

We enhance the potential of our employees by offering them the opportunity to develop their careers within the company. Through curiosity and the exploration of new avenues combined with a natural sense of leadership, talents can develop their career in a constantly evolving and technologically complex environment.

Innovation remains our core activity and enables our employees to explore new horizons and broaden their perspectives.

We make every effort to inspire our employees by setting an example and remaining coherent. We communicate efficiently while stimulating commitment and encouraging personal development.


We are proud to be a company offering training, thus ensuring that the younger generation is suitably qualified to take up the challenges of tomorrow. Apprentices are given the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the world of work and to learn their chosen trade as soon as they reach the official school leaving age.

We consider ourselves fortunate to work with these young people who share their ideas and their vision of the world, thereby pushing us to call our own habits into question and to keep up with the times!