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About Us

Company Profile

D&R Technology is an international full service provider of innovative, custom designed production solutions. Our experience is firmly rooted in processing of automotive components and our tailored automation solutions are applicable to a wide range of production environments. We combine our experience with intense customer involvement to develop systems and processes that match the latest technology with customer manufacturing needs for the right solution. This collaborative approach from initial consultation through to after sales service results in robust and innovative solutions for many of the world’s leading manufacturers.


D&R’s senior management team is comprised of seasoned professionals who have decades of experience and success in managing and growing organizations.

This knowledge and insight enables them to lead D & R Technology Inc. in the creation of products and services that meet our customers' toughest challenges.

Years of pioneering experience in diverse engineering and OEM sales/manufacturing environments have given our Management Team a comprehensive technology vision as well as an end-to-end understanding of the strategic business needs of its customers. Like all our employees, D&R’s leaders consider themselves an integral part of each customer's long-term success


"Automatically on the leading edge" means we put all of our knowledge and creativity into developing products that become trendsetting innovations. Innovation is about taking the steps necessary to move from identified issue, to creating an idea, action that idea, and then achieving results. Ideation by itself is not innovation. Getting new or different results is innovation. From supporting process development to delivering scalable, modular and flexible automation, we embrace this culture of innovation.

Years of experience in helping world’s most successful manufacturers with their new product launches, capacity expansions, and productivity improvement initiatives helps us turn this motto into reality.


Today’s flexible just-in-time manufacturing environments combined with a growing trend towards zero defect quality have created many issues and challenges that can no longer be met with isolated process solutions. D&R understands that a more holistic approach is needed to address problems at their source and then track products through each stage of production.

This understanding is at the core of our process analysis and methodology allowing our team of talented engineers to fully understand our customer issues before making recommendations. We can then apply a series of intelligent process tools and suitable automation solutions that provide the best possible value while maximizing return on investment.


Build Cool Stuff

We give each other the opportunity to invent, solve problems and blaze the path into automation industry.

Make Money

The goal is to make products that have an accessible and undeniable value proposition. It is what we do.

Have Fun

By creating a business with a superior work environment, long term stability, amazingly talented coworkers, and fascinating projects, we remain fresh, creative, and determined.